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Welcome to my homepage!

This website is mostly about my dog Ares, a male petit basset griffon vendeen born July 19th, 2007. Since I first experienced his mother Exi during several hunts in 2005 and a couple of years to come I totally lost my heart to this breed. I wanted a pbgv as a hunting dog! I´ve seen other breeds in action too, but the pbgv had all I was looking for: 
- Nice temper
- Suitable speed for hunting
- Returns in it´s own tracks after a while, especially if the chased animal runs out
- Loud barking and thus easy to hear from a distance, too (silent at home)
- Lovely family dogs
- Healthy breed

Great petits within the family:
- Ares´ mother Exi (Lejonlands Xenia) became second best "Hunting Dog of the Year" within the breed in Norway 2006. 
- At age 2 Ares became number 7 "Hunting Dog of the Year" in 2009.
- In 2010 Ares became the "Hunting Dog of the year". 
- Also; his sister Thyra became number 3 in 2010, and her daughter Thea de Baas became second best "Hunting Dog of the Year" in 2012. 

Hunting Dog of the Year is measured from results in Hunting Tests. Ares´ father is Rotvältans Tufsen, known to have among the very best hunting offspring in Norway, with (I think) hunting champions in every litter after him. 

Additionally; Ares is also a Norwegian Show Champion (NUCH) and Norwegian Hunting Champion (NJ(D)CH). 

Short about me:
Born 1967, trained journalist, live in the small town of Mo i Rana (municipality population 26.000), northern Norway (just south of the Arctic Circle). I have a son Nikolai, born in 1998. There are some pictures of him on this site as well. 
Originally I´m from Stjørdal, a small town near Trondheim, Norway. 

Besides training and hunting with my dog I´m fond of fishing and nature. Takes a lot of photos, a dear hobby of mine. 

In spring 2011 I started my education as a Hunting Test Judge for all the basset breeds. I finished my training the same autumn and became a qualified judge. 

In february 2013 I became editor for the publication "Bassetposten" and the websites of Norwegian Basset Club.

I hope you will enjoy the rest of my website as well, even though written in Norwegian. I´m afraid my english is not sufficient to translate it all, sorry about that. But hey; you can always use the Google Translator or contact me here or on facebook if there is something you´d like to ask about:)

Thanks for your attention:)

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24.07 | 12:54

Hei. Jeg gir ut ett blad til veteraner I NSB opplag ca.120
Lurer på om jeg kan bruke gåsejakthistorien der?

08.09 | 04:09

Hei Martina, da fikk vel både du og din bror Stefan mer enn dere våget å drømme om? Zenta vant og Stefan var den gladeste vinner jeg har sett!

05.09 | 15:29

Jag är en jente fra Finland och min bror och hans hund KÄRRÅSENS ZENTA, ska delta i sin första Vega prov. Det är sååå spännande jag hoppas det går bra.

25.09 | 10:27

Hei! Jeg vurderer sterkt å skaffe meg en BFDB! Jeg må si at etter å ha lest hele artikkelen flere ganger blir lysten bare større og større! Vet du om en kennel?

Du liker denne siden
Prøv å lage din egen hjemmeside som jeg.
Det er enkelt, og du kan prøve det helt gratis.